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The first antirootkit program that works perfectly well for you is the UnHackMe 9.60 crack. This is an intuitively and specially crafted software that does one major job which is to remove Trojan files from your browsers and your computer systems. Rootkits are special programs written by dubious individuals to use lengthy instructions to gain access and manipulate or steal data and information from your personal computer. What UnHackMe does is to hide your files and other necessary data so that the Trojans won’t have access to them. Then it can also scan your computer and remove every form of rootkit available. Hackers have some ways of previously installing rootkit on your computer system which just keeps working silently and stealing data in the background for it to work and be made use of by the hacker.

History of UnHackMe

The UnHackMe program was created in the year 2005 as an anti-rootkit software to currently eliminate these types of malicious programs listed below:

  • Potentially Unwanted Programs otherwise called PUPs
  • Popup ads
  • Search redirecting
  • Unwanted processes
  • Slow browsing
  • Rootkits
  • Trojans
  • Spyware
  • Keyloggers and countless others in that category.

Does UnHackMe work?

This program does whatever it does in 3 different modes

  1. The Normal windows mode: This enables it to remove unwanted programs, clean browsers, deletes Trojans and adware and spyware.
  2. An offline scanning mode also called warrior mode which is done from booting from a USB/CD – This does an external check once the computer boots form the specified device. Which is an advantage because all suspicious code can be removed before getting a chance to run on your personal computer. This also makes it easy to locate and destroy any activities and makes it easier to discover any kernel rootkits which also hide their files as well as registry and boot record toolkits.
  3. Remote checking of your computer using a log file. Your log file can be used to diagnose the problems your computer is having and the appropriate solution is sent to help fix the computer.

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What is the difference between UnHackMe and my antivirus?

No! UnHackme actually is specially designed to find and solve problems that most antivirus programs do not look for such as MSconfig on steroids. UnHackMe has its own database to detect which of the installed programs on your PC should be removed as it is a threat to you. Therefore an important advantage of UnHackMe Crack is that previously undetected malware can be discovered when scanning results and logs are inspected.

Key features

  • This is a very strong security program against malware and other viruses
  • It secures your files against Trojan and other dangerous ransomware
  • Very easy to use due to its intuitive interface
  • It is able to detect windows boot partitions and also the recovery software
  • It makes use of cookies to run.
  • Protects DNS settings when used on all platforms.
  • The pro tool has been made free for you to use
  • You can run it as standalone from a flash drive or USB device.

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New features

  • It has an improved user interface for a better user experience
  • All bugs and errors from the previous versions have been fixed.
  • It now has support for windows 10.
  • System Requirement to use the software


Procedure on how to crack?

  • Download and install unhackme Crack
  • Run the executable
  • Install with the registration and serial keys given below
  • Use this latest keys: FJKDI4 – DFJKRI – DFJKDI – DFJKDIE
  • Enjoy all its features.

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