IObit Malware Fighter 6.0.2 Pro Serial Key

IObit Malware Fighter 6.0.2 Pro Serial Key with Patch

IObit malware fighter 6.0.2 Pro Serial Key: These days there has been a constant and insistent rise in the number of malicious programs in the form of adware, worms, malware, and bots. This has therefore created a need for an effective and continually updated malware scan, detect and remove the program. Therefore, Iobit Malware Fighter 6.0.2 serial key is the best tool for the job. This application makes use of advanced heuristic algorithms paired with bit defender technology developed by the company bit defender to detect the latest codes with malicious tendencies.

Iobit Malware fighter 6 serial key is an application that runs on the window operating system and detects most of the malware, adware, spyware, worms, bots, keyloggers and Trojans that are a constant threat to your computer system. It has been developed to work compatibly with major antivirus products.

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The software is made available as both a free application and a pro application. A good number of important features are readily available in the free application while advanced features such as anti-tracking module are only available in the pro application. This module actually does the job of automatically cleaning vulnerable traces left after closing a browser.

Real-time scanning that runs automatically once the software is installed, makes sure that malicious code is not installed on your personal computer without your known consent. These mostly happen through programs called adware or the use of pen drives. It continually scans through adware sites and their respective URL and also pens drives automatically to prevent such programs from harming your computer system.

An attractive feature that makes it a compact tool for defending your PC against malware is the ability to utilize the dual-core function. This can makes the engine to detect over 1 million different forms of malware. The use of the heuristic malware detection function also enables it to fish out the most advanced deep hidden malware and spyware possible.

Iobit Malware Fighter has an easy to use, clean and intuitive interface despite being an advanced software. It continually works in the background and doesn’t cause obstruction while anyone is using the computer.

IObit malware fighter 6 Crack with Serial Key

Notable features from the previous Iobit Malware Fighter 6 versions consist of an enlarged database containing details needed for the removal of latest threats. It also has been procedurally worked upon to obtain better stability with windows 10.

Another stand out feature of this software is its awesome user interface. Designed with vibrant colors, legible buttons, and explanatory instructions to enhance a pleasurable user experience for the user. A new user of the software should also have no problems navigating as the home screen shows all the major activities required to execute the program to scan and remove malware and malicious code.

At the center of the home screen, you can find the four basic options mostly used which are the scan, security guard, browser protect and action center options. Settings related to scanning are displayed with clear use of the on/off switch buttons. The status of your computer protection is also quite easy to check as it is displayed directly at the top of the main screen.

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The scan option comes with 3 basic scan types which are the smart scan, the full scan, and custom scan. Full scan procedure does the job of scanning the entirety of the whole computer. it means which includes all hard drives and partitions and connected devices. The smart scan is the fastest scan procedure and only focuses the scan options on the areas of the computer system that are more susceptible to malware attacks. The custom scan gives the user the opportunity to select particular areas where they would want to scan for that instance.

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The browser protect option shows the various modules contained such as Homepage protection. DNS Protect, Surfing Protection, Toolbar Cleaner, and Anti-tracking modules. The job of the DNS protect module is to stop any malware from performing altercation of the computer’s DNS settings. The Home protection module defends the computer’s homepage from change by a malware while the browser protects modules generally guarantee an ultimate safe internet experience while surfing.

Why Iobit Malware Fighter 6 Crack?

A special kind of guard created in addition to the standardize modules is also contained in the software. It is called the security reinforce. It works mainly to protect certain services and desktop services and system settings such as windows firewall from attacks.

For the real-time protection of your system, the security guard contains various guards that are deployed for this activity alone. The Iobit software also presents several settings that can provide the user with full control to modify how the program works. Features like this consist of automatic enabling or disabling of scanning updates and other options.

Key Features

  • Supports real-time scanning
  • Smart scan, fast scan, and custom scan are the three scan options presented.
  • File guard security modules with security guard tool containing network guard
  • Advanced security features provided by the browser protect tool
  • Pro version users have automatic program updates.
  • Automatic updates daily
  • Different auto-scan modes.
  • Easy to read interface and comprehensive scan logs
  • Running in the background while not being intrusive.
  • Automatic malware detection in connected peripheral devices.
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Full compatibility with popular recognized products.
  • Concise display of computer protection current status, database details, and last scan.
  • Display of thorough details on infected item after a scan
  • Works seamlessly with windows explorer
  • it can upload the  to iobit forum for further analysis.
  • Customizable scan settings
  • Silent mode function
  • Programs ignore list
  • Ability to detect malicious content
  • Surfing protection module
  • Huge support for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Protects user browsers for malicious plugins and toolbars


  • Minimum ram: 512mb
  • 60MB available in hard drive space
  • 1 GHz processor or higher.

How to use IObit Malware Fighter Crack?

  • Download Iobit malware fighter
  • Run the downloaded executable file on your computer
  • Enter the licence code at the right top corner of the software’s screen
  • Click Register now
  • Do disconnect from the internet.

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